Sweet Ella girl...

What a beautiful world of love you were born into! Sarah + Nick were overjoyed to welcome their adorable girl into their family. She already has the cutest array of outfits and bows, the most picturesque nursery, and lots of PINK!

It was such a joy meeting this sweet family!

Newborn Session Vs. Newborn Lifestyle Session

Now, a question I get a lot is "What is the difference between a Newborn Session and a Newborn Lifestyle Session?" Simple! A Newborn Session revolves all around your newborn - surprise, surprise ;) There are generally many adorable props, wraps, and poses for the baby to have solo shots taken in a studio setting. On the other hand, a Newborn Lifestyle Session is an authentic, organic time of capturing your new family in your home. That's right- mom, dad, and siblings are welcome to a Newborn Lifestyle Session. These sessions do contain some directed posing, but consist mainly of sweet, natural moments of your new beginnings together.

Is a Newborn Lifestyle Session for you?

If you love the idea of your family being photographed together as you welcome the newest member, then the short answer is Yes! Remember, time flies- those little fingers and toes grow before you know it! With all the transitions of parenthood, it is easy to forget to schedule your family sessions and this is a sure way to seal your family in this sweet, new stage.

When Should I book?

Booking your Newborn Lifestyle Session can be done at any time throughout your pregnancy! I suggest booking during your second trimester so that during your third trimester you have one less thing to think about ;)

Side Note

I'm a Registered Nurse and before I left the bedside to teach Nursing, I worked in Labor and Delivery! I just adore all the sweet newborn babies and the beauty of a growing family. I am happy to assist with swaddling and any tips you might need throughout the session. If you have any questions on how to prepare for your Newborn Lifestyle Session, you can read this blog to get some insight!