It's in the details

How to Make an Extra Dreamy Nursery

The amount of inspiration I have taken from each nursery I've walked into to photograph is wild! There are some specific themes I've noted along the way that helped me come up with my own nursery design, but the key thing I've noticed is the sweet little details parents put into the space their baby will eventually know as their own.

There is so much to consider when it comes to colors and themes, options seem endless these days!

Make Big Decisions First

Ok, it may seem like every decision is a big decision when you are planning out your baby's nursery... but there are some decisions that will be the driving force behind alllll the others!

Will this be a nursery for all your kids, or just this one?

Answering this question will help move you forward in your planning! If this is the nursery for all your kiddos, you may want to keep it more gender neutral to begin rather than throwing pink on the walls immediately. Opting for creams or whites as the base tone for the room will allow for additions of color when you find out gender for each baby you welcome into your family.

Is there a specific theme that you love?

Classic? Boho? Girly? Minimal? Woodland? Choosing the theme or style will help all your research! Google is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I also love using Pinterest for inspiration! Hobby Lobby is another store that has tons of cute decor options and they often have great sales throughout the week :)

An Eye for Detail

Once those big decisions are made, it's time to enjoy looking for details! This often can't be finished overnight, but is something that each time you go to the store, you find something else that is sweet to add to their room!

As your Newborn Photographer I love to photograph your sweet family in your beautifully crafted nursery... the work you put in will be photographed and remembered!