How to Prepare Your Newborn For Their Newborn Lifestyle Session

What a whirlwind- you've just welcomed your sweet girl or boy into the world and you are so smitten with each detail about them! Their little toes, their lips, their tiny fingers make your heart melt every time you look over at them. As we all know, there is only a brief window of time when they are this tiny and before you know it they will be sleeping through the night, crawling, and going to college! Don't blink ;) This is why choosing to do a newborn lifestyle session is SO important.

I often get lots of questions around the idea of preparing your newborn for their session. Timing and preparing your little one as best as possible (there is grace here, friends!) can help your session run much more smoothly and eliminate lots of stress!

How to Prepare your Newborn for Their Newborn Lifestyle Session

  1. How old should my newborn be? I recommend between 1-4 weeks old. This is the time when babies are still sleeping much of the day and it’s easier to spend an hour taking photos without many episodes of your baby being upset, feeling hungry, or needing diaper changes. Can you take your photos after 4 weeks- OF COURSE! We will work with your sweet baby and wait for them to be soothed and relaxed as needed!
  2. When should I plan their nap? I recommend you try to keep your newborn awake and stimulated prior to the session! This means something different for each baby... walking them around the house, playing music... whatever it takes to keep them stimulated until just before the session start time.
  3. When should I feed my newborn? I recommend feeding your newborn within 30 minutes of our session start time. If you are still feeding when I arrive, that is totally ok! I will just hop around the house and assess lighting, get detail shots, etc. A full tummy normally leaves your little one quite content! I recommend having the feed completed, diaper changed, then putting on their outfit!
  4. What should I have my newborn wear? For Newborn Lifestyle sessions, I recommend having a white/neutral swaddle on hand! Much of our photos are taken with your newborn in the swaddle, really giving off that newborn vibe! It is shocking how quickly they grow out of swaddling (cue the tears!) I am more than happy to help you swaddle your little one! We can also incorporate another baby outfit if you have something special or personalized you would like to be photographed.

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