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Preparing Your Home For Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

You've just had the biggest welcome for your new little baby, and now it's time to capture those sweet memories of newness with your Newborn Lifestyle Session! The first few weeks with a newborn are full to say the least, and cleaning up your home can be one of the last things on your mind (and that is totally ok)! I'm not here to tell you everything needs to be spotless, but a quick little spot clean can make a big difference in the outcome of your photos. Here are a few areas to focus on and some keys to simplify your home clean-up while juggling a new little human in the house ;)

Home Preparation tips:

I. Less is more

Hide the clutter! Don't worry about dusting, dry cleaning your comforter, or buying new decor for your bedroom... less is more when it comes to newborn sessions! Simply throw the extra cords, coasters, chapstick, chargers, etc. into a drawer or closet for the session!

II. Open up all the window blinds

Let the light flood in! I tend to shoot with natural light whenever possible, so opening up all the blinds in your home will give me a good idea on where to start with your photos! I do always bring my flash with me if you have some extra dark areas in your home, but opening up those blinds will help us choose a room to start in! We will also turn off all overhead lighting/lamps, so feel free to do that prior to my arrival!

III. Relax and enjoy being home!

Home is where the heart is! This is where you likely spend a lot of time, and make so many special memories as a family. The best part of a newborn lifestyle is the focus on you and your new family! Try to relax and enjoy this time- I will help with angles and moving items that may distract in your photos! Trust me :)

New Possibilities

When photographing you in your home, just know we are not limited to shooting in the master bedroom and the nursery- sometimes the best, naturally lit areas are in doorways, near windows or French doors, in the playroom, or in the living room on your couch! With this in mind, watch the light in your house for the days leading up to your session and tidy up the areas that get the best natural light during the time of your session!

Newborn and Family PHOTOGRAPHY

Capturing the feeling of joy & organic moments between the people that mean the most to you...

Remember, you don't have to have it all together to have a beautiful newborn session. This is one of those sessions that can't be replicated in a 4-5 months- the new, tiny features of your sweet baby change before you know it! If your home is holding you back, let me assure you, it is beautiful and a reflection of your family!

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