Houston, Texas

Photoshoot Locations in Greater Houston

We all know the location of a photoshoot can help define the vibe and overall feel of a session, so selecting your location can be so very important! And let's be honest, Houston is a BIG city! Working with your photographer to choose a location that best fits your family is key. If you adore tall grassy fields, I got you covered. If you prefer Spanish moss hanging from the trees, I know just the place. If you want a manicured garden look for your session, we can definitely make that happen! Choosing a location that will help you (your family, your significant other, your kiddos) feel more natural can be a great way to be sure that your photos will come out feeling like you!

I know I mentioned these are great photoshoot locations, but did I also mention most of them are free?

Woohoo! Let's get to it!

Cy-Hope (Cypress, Texas) - free

This spot is so dreamy! You can get so many different looks at this location- there is Spanish moss hanging from the trees, multiple small bridges, a large field, trees, a pathway, a small white church with brick steps, and even an Alamo replica… the options feel endless here! This spot is perfect for family sessions, milestones, and couples who love that “deep south” vibe!

Mason Creek Hike + Bike (Katy, Texas) - Free

This little park is just adorable! There is a pond, gorgeous fields and trees. This location has tall grass that changes from green tones in summer to early fall to gorgeous gold in late fall and winter. The light always ends up just dreamy at this spot!

Terry Hershey Park (Houston, Texas) - Free

Talk about a large park! There are so many different areas to shoot at Terry Hershey, which allows for lots of variety in the images. There are bridges, creeks, and fields of bluebonnets in the Spring. There are gorgeous trees and lots of playgrounds around if you need to bribe your kiddos with play time after the session. This location is very central in Houston and is a fan favorite for that reason!

Eleanor Tinsley Park (Downtown Houston) - Free

This park has a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline if we shoot East and a beautiful garden to walk through facing West! There are paths, benches covered by gorgeous trees, roses, and a large open grass field. I love this spot for so many reasons! I did my first professional shoot here and I captured a sunrise proposal at this location- sweet memories!

West University (Houston, Texas) - Free

Oak trees, brick paths, gorgeous neighborhood... need I say more? This area has such a dreamy, classic, and very Houston vibe to it. Always a crowd pleaser, and as your photographer, I will always, happily shoot your session here!

Mercer Botanic Gardens (Humble, Texas) - Free

The variety here is hard to beat! There is such an elegant feel with the beautiful, manicured gardens and pillars. There are plenty of gorgeous locations at Mercer Botanic Gardens, but one of my favorite spots is the stone archway! While this location is free, it does close its doors at 5:00pm, so we can plan for an early afternoon or morning session if this location fits your style!

Mason Home (Tomball, Texas) - Accompanied by Fee

This porch is what dreams are made of. The way this venue is maintained and refreshed throughout the seasons is every photographer’s dream! While this location does require an hourly fee, it is so worth it to have the beautiful and fresh vibes in your photos! I'm always happy to reserve a time slot here for your session if this style of location fits your family!

So, what location fits YOU?

Of course, there are PLENTY of other beautiful locations in Houston, but these are some of my tried-and-trues! As I shoot at more Houston area photoshoot locations, I'll keep this blog updated to assist with easy location choices. Is there a location I didn't list that you would like a session at? Let me know and let's make it happen!