The whole family

3 Ways to Coordinate an Extended Family Photography Session

Well well well, I think we all know how valuable an extended family photo session is...

The memories

The Parents promoted to Grandparents

The Kids promoted to Parents

The little babies growing

The years flying by...

BUT, trying to arrange all of calendars, getting everyone to communicate and coordinate outfits... oh those are the extra fun things about these extended family sessions (wink wink)! Honestly, I get it. I'm a photographer and I am still actively trying to remember to capture moments with my own family! As our own family is about to grow, it's extra special and important to capture all those moments of your whole family growing together. Trust me, these Extended Family Photoshoots are very worth it to have to look back on and cherish.

Plan Ahead

Ok, getting this on the calendar and arranging the date and location for multiple families is no easy task! Here are 3 ways to coordinate your extended family photo session! Let's make sure this session actually gets accomplished and doesn't slip through your fingers... like last year ;)

  1. Pull 4 dates that work for YOU and offer them up to your whole family!
  2. Give at least 2-3 months notice to allow for this photoshoot to be a priority on the calendar for every single family member (remember, we need everyone!)
  3. If your family is from out of town, choose a date during a visit that is already planned! Morning and evening photoshoot times are ideal for the best light, and this way you can be sure to sneak a photoshoot into your plans during your weekend together!

Outfit Coordination

The goal here is to coordinate, not match! This means choosing colors that compliment each other and blend well. For example, the family blogged above (woohoo! Awesome job everyone!) Every single family member doesn't need to be wearing the same color to look "put together"- feel freedom in mixing color tones that compliment each other and yourselves!

As your photographer, I am MORE than happy to help with outfit coordination! I have families send me photos of outfit options all the time to get my input on what would photograph well. Truly, your outfits do make a difference with how the photos turn out, so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are unsure and need some help :)

Photo Combinations

Alright, here is the fun part! Letting your photographer know ALL the different photo combos that are needed during this photoshoot! With extended families, there are such sweet moments of grandparents and grandkids, cousin photos, all girls and all guys, siblings, aunts/uncles with their nieces and nephews... the lists can go on! Whatever group photos are important to you are important to me, and I'll be sure to capture those during our time together!

What are you waiting for? 2022 is your year!