It finally happened...

You’ve booked a Fall Session and you’re SO ready to get new family photos, but then it dawns on you- What in the world should WE wear?

No stress! I’m going to break down choosing fall family outfits into 5 easy steps. These should help you start your decision making, from a photographer's view behind the camera!

  1. Start with your color palette: What colors do you look best in? For Fall photos, think muted/warm tones… greens, warm tans, navy, maroons, and go from there!
  2. Mom/wife: Choose your outfit first! Let’s be honest, your own outfit is normally the toughest to choose. You want to be comfortable (avoid the itchy material!) and for the outfit to flatter your figure.
  3. Coordinate: This is not the same thing as matching ;) Everyone can wear colors that compliment each other rather than all wearing the same color. This adds depth and warmth to the photos. Think about blending one family member in a maroon pattern, another in a tan sweater and jeans, another in a navy dress… Blending colors in this way looks natural!
  4. Add subtle patterns: Avoid anything too bold or distracting such as horizontal stripes and bold plaids/checkers. These tend to distract from the best part of the photo- YOU!
  5. Layer: Add a cardigan over the dress! Throw on a scarf! For the guys, wear a quarter zip over a button down… Layering adds detail and variety- we can also toss the layers to get a fresh look or if Houston does its normal number on us and gets too hot!



-Dress so you are comfortable! Don’t wear things that tug or pull or itch, it will take away from your joy of taking photos.

-Try things on a week before to be sure the outfit works and you aren’t stressed trying to find something new at the last minute :)

-Try layering and new textures!


-Wearing oversized clothing

-Horizontal Stripes/Distracting, bold patterns (Remember, go for the subtle patterns!)

-All black/dark tones or on the other end of the spectrum, neon colors

-Wearing revealing clothing or clothes that are overly tight… 

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