Family Portraits, every year?

I mean, at the minimum, family photos should be taken at least one time every year. Seems easy, right? Wrong! I know all the behind the scenes preparing, scheduling, shopping, convincing your family this is important... it takes a good amount of energy! If you can swing more than one photo session in each year, like choosing a full session and a mini session for a holiday, you are not going to regret it. Here are some big reasons to put Family Portraits in your top priorities for 2022-

Although there are many more, Here's

4 Reasons To Have Family Photos Taken Every Year

  1. Document all the changes in your family: However your family is growing and changing (graduation, pregnancy, puppy, adoption, new home, etc.), these life moments deserve to be celebrated and cherished! Have you thought to yourself, "Wow- it's already February 2022... where has the year gone?" Take photos, friends. They will help you remember exactly how the days were spent!
  2. Don't just take them for yourself, but take them for future generations: It's a gift to be able to savor your family memories and have them "frozen in time." Our generation has this easier than ever, and it is not a gift to be taken lightly! This really hits a cord with me as my grandparents have all gone on to heaven, and all we have are family photos and memories to reminisce on. Take generational family photos!
  3. High-Quality Photos are Irreplaceable: Yes, the iPhone is nice. Instagram is fun. But high-quality images of your family (of alllll of your family, including yourself, moms)- that's irreplaceable! The crisp, clean images a professional photographer can provide you are not the same as a selfie ;) One of my favorite things of being a portrait photographer is focusing on the true family connection and all the fun you have together!
  4. Remember Joyful Times: Let's be honest, there are many days that bring grief and present challenges. How wonderful to be able to look back on days full of fun and joy! Looking back at sweet times is enough to bring a smile to your face even on the worst of days. As a Houston Family Portrait Photographer, I love capturing your truest smiles, which often comes easiest with spontaneous, natural moments. When booking a session with me, know you will get a mix of candid images to show off your family's personality and specific structured posing!

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