Welcome, little one!

Newborn Baby Boy

This sweet family welcomed home their darling boy to the most darling nursery. These parents thought of every detail and even had heirloom toys from each of their childhoods to add in to make it extra special! It is so fun and trendy to have a custom name sign over the crib these days, and I am here for it! This little guy is blessed with the sweetest parents to raise him and was named after his dad, and even from our short time together, I know he has a good one to look up to!

When it comes to newborn lifestyle sessions...

All we need are a few staple items! This family did it just right :)

  1. Having a few swaddles that are light and neutral are perfect! I can help you swaddle your little one (something that I love to do and miss since leaving bedside nursing as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery!)
  2. Bring out any special heirlooms you would like photographed, like baby toys from your childhood or generational pieces.
  3. Have a special outfit for your newborn to wear (this is perfect for when we want to take some shots of your newborn un-swaddled). Even a classic white onesie can be perfect!

"No joy on earth brings greater pleasure than a little boy to love and treasure..."