Newborn Lifestyle PHOTOGRAPHY

Welcoming Baby Girl!

This beautiful baby girl was welcomed into the sweetest family, complete with her own pup waiting for her! Her nursery was designed so thoughtfully with all things pink, girly, and sweet. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love photographing newborns at home... the home that was prepared just for them. Home is a place of love, memories, and truest comfort... and filled with everyday life that is actually magical when you stop to look around.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Starting off your journey as a family being photographed in your home is something so intimate and special... while you might walk the halls, climb the stairs, or routinely make your morning coffee, these are the walls and rooms that you will make the most memories in together. Slowing down to savor each new expression and sound your baby makes and letting time just wash over you is one of the best parts of the newborn phase!

"A daughter is one of the best gifts this world has to give..."

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle

So, when considering whether an in-home newborn lifestyle session is right for you rather than a studio session, just consider the memories, love, and immense amount of time you will spend together right there within those walls of your home. The comfort of your safe place, the ease of staying home and letting me travel to you in those early weeks, and the fact that you will only build thousands more memories where it all began!