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How to Schedule a Newborn Lifestyle Session

Christina and Matt just welcomed home their sweet little man, Brooks Matthew! It is always such a treat to see the adorable nurseries you parents put together in anticipation of your sweet little one's arrival! Speaking of their arrival... most of the time, we have no idea when that little baby boy or baby girl is going to decide it's time to be born (haha)! Having a due date is a suggestion for most babies- I think I read somewhere that only 5% of babies come on their actual due date!

Makes planning pretty wild, doesn't it ;)

No worries, parents. I get that. So when it comes to scheduling your Newborn Lifestyle Session, we operate with lots of flexibility and sometimes, lots of patience!

Scheduling Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

Ok, to start with booking a Newborn Lifestyle session, make sure this type of session is what you are envisioning. All the photos on this blog demonstrate what a Newborn Lifestyle Session can look like, but if you're still unsure- check out this blog I wrote about what to fully expect!

Something else to think about is how to prepare for this session, once you decide that this is in fact for you! Here is another blog post on how to get ready so this session runs smoothly for you and your family!

When you initially reach out for booking, I'll ask for your due date- and since we all know and agree this is generally a suggested time of birth (haha!), we will book a date 1 week out from your due date. When your sweet baby decides it is time to be born, we will adjust that date as needed! I've had sessions booked where the baby comes 3 weeks early, 1 week late, or they needed a NICU visit that prolonged their hospital stay... needless to say, I understand we need to be flexible in this time :)

Communication for Scheduling

I'll reach out to you via email a few days before your booked date, to see where we are with baby's arrival. If needed, we just bump that date a week! If baby arrives early, I just ask that you email or text me when you're back home and settled. I know you will have lots of things on your mind getting home with your newborn baby, so no worries if you forget! I'll be reaching out to you as well :)

How Far in Advance Should We Schedule?

This is a great question! Honestly, as soon as you know you would like to book your session, that is a great time to inquire and get booked. Although I would love to take every single inquiry, I do get booked up in advance and won't be able to take each inquiry. Reaching out early and getting your date on the books is one way to make sure I can prioritize your session on my schedule! A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking, for your planning purposes.