It's Photo time

How to Prepare for a

Successful Family Session

YAY- you did it! You booked a session for your family this year, but deep down you feel so stressed about how it's going to actually go down... Deep breaths! Here are 5 tips that are easy to incorporate in your planning as you get your whole family on board for those updated Family Portraits!


Plan Ahead

Plan that day ahead of time so you know you will have enough time to get ready and get to the location early. This is the best case scenario, because we all know it's easy to get a little frantic and frazzled if we are pushing it on time! Block off more time than needed when scheduling your day- For example, the session may run for 1 hour, but give yourself buffer time (2-3 hours) for getting ready and getting to the location! A happy, relaxed family is one that looks great in photos ;)


Outfits are key!

Ask for help with outfits if needed! I’ve linked a blog post on how to combine colors and patterns for the most flattering look for photos here. A great rule of thumb is to be sure that everyone feels comfortable (nothing too tight or short), there is only 1 major pattern material, and colors coordinate rather than match. This helps the session feel more natural and shines the light on you rather than distracting clothing options! You can even coordinate and do generational photos like these 3 gals!


Tips for Babies, Kids, + Pups

We are not above bribery when it comes to your 30 minute or 1 hour photo session! You've planned, you've paid, and we are going to get smiles from those little ones! Incentives and treats are a great way to help the kids (or dogs, read this blog if you're especially worried about your pup!) work together with us for some amazing, fun family shots. Talking about taking photos at home throughout the week also can build up excitement and help the little ones feel more familiar and prepared to take photos. Be sure to tell them how fun it’s going to be, and that there may be a trip to get ice cream after (or something fun if they put on their best smiles!)


Location, Location, Location

Work with your photographer to choose a location that best fits your family- We all have favorite spots to be! If your family thrives at the beach, let’s do a beach session! If you enjoy gardens and parks, I’ve got lots of options for you. Downtown scene? Let’s shoot there! Choosing a location that will help your family feel more in your element and natural can be a great way to be sure that your session will come out feeling like you!


Enjoy the Experience!

Just enjoy! Feel free to be silly with your kids, loving with your spouse, playful with your dog… these natural moments shine on their own! You will get lots of instructions on how to pose, where to stand, etc. but the family dynamic that uniquely belongs to YOU is what will make your images irreplaceable! Book a session, plan ahead, and then come out and have fun :)

I'm ready for you!

Have you been delaying scheduling family photos because it seems like a daunting idea? It doesn’t have to be a stressful event! With some easy planning and collaboration, I’m more than happy to help you get that fresh Family Portrait to hang on your wall :) Inquire to start the planning process and get a date on the books! 2022 is your year!