Welcome to Houston!

These sweet friends came down for a weekend visit all the way from Indiana! The Clay Family Eastern Glades in Memorial Park was the perfect location with the array of trees, adorable string lights (alllll the heart eyes), and these two lovebirds! We even had a break from the rainy weather and that golden glow came out for us.

Riley and I went to college together at Liberty University and we can now look back on 10 years of friendship! She met Steven and it was alllll over ;) They are one of those couples who are SO in love- and it's such a joy for me to see her glowing! Since I was a bridesmaid in their wedding in early January this year, it's easy to see how their marriage has taken root and grown over the past 9 months.

Riley is an encourager- regardless of what is going on in her life, she is there to root for you and cheer you on! She has so many gifts, including caring for little babies and finding AMAZING things at any thrift store. She carries her life in deep dependence on God, always ready to pray for you. Steven is a gifted electrician (and even helped us change out some light fixtures when they stayed with us!) and is SO loving and kind to Riley. Match made in heaven!

You don't need to wait for an anniversary...

It's always a good time to celebrate your love, your family, and your life!