These friends are headed to a new ADVENTURE!

"Texas natives headed off to DC" (until December)... that is what I envision the headliner being, but I like to include the end date... because they are in fact coming back to us in Texas. So, with that news, it makes this whole trip an exciting treat!! God has provided in countless ways to open up doors for Blake and Vanessa to move to DC so Vanessa can take part in an internship with the Family Research Council. Her heart is moved to ensure our Biblical worldview is not forgotten and learn more about the world of politics. I'm so inspired by her, stepping outside of her career of nursing to pursue this passion! And Blake! What a guy, so supportive of his wife and willing to take a leap of faith with her in moving to the East coast. These two trust God and love the USA! And we love them!

See you when we come visit :)