Welcome to Texas, y'all!

This adventurous couple drove all around the great state of Texas on a long, summer road trip! Being from Kansas, they were eager to take advantage of a photoshoot on the coast- and I was eager to make it happen for them! Kyra and I connected through a photography page on Facebook (Amy and Jordan Demos- thanks for everything!!!) and it was such a treat to be able to do this shoot for them on their trip.

On Monday night after work... and after a few days of praying for the rain to stay away, we made it to Galveston and ended up with a beautiful evening for a shoot! The dunes, the couple, the light... this couple and this setting made me want to be in Galveston MORE! Something this California-native didn't think she would ever say (hahahaha)... Looking forward to the next opportunity I get to go down with my camera in my hand!