Tips for traveling with an infant

Traveling to Europe with a Baby

Starting right from the beginning I can tell you there is a LOT we learned about flying internationally and traveling with a 7 month old! I want to be completely real and share what worked and what we would change for next time :) My husband and I are always looking to travel and experience new places and cultures, so it’s our goal to continue this as our family grows. We found that by lowering our expectations and choosing to enjoy the trip for whatever we got to experience was key! A slower pace... more attention to our little one and to each other... I'm convinced this made all difference!

Traveling with a baby

Don't skip the trip...

It is very, very worth it!

One key thing to always remember and never forget is your STROLLER FAN, and remember to have fun too (lol). But really the stroller fan came in handy from the start.

Hot airplane sitting on the runway with no airflow- not to worry, because we had the stroller fan.

100 degree temps in Florence. No prob, stroller fan.

Oh the 2 hour train ride that had a malfunction with fans/air conditioning… You get it!

THIS is our stroller fan- and while we did lose it to the sea in Monterosso, Italy, we quickly ordered another immediately on return home!

Traveling across the ocean

Flights with a 7 Month Old

We flew Houston to Chicago, Chicago to Milan. Our flight from Chicago to Milan took off around 9:30pm which was great! Our little guy was ready for a nice long sleep... we got to get him into some PJs and his sleep sack, and the real bonus was purchasing the bulkhead seats so the airline baby bassinet could be attached right in front of us. While this did cost more to have the bulkhead seat, the leg room was wonderful and it was so easy to scoop Nolan up to soothe him as needed or walk around. He JUST fit in the bassinet, so it’s good to know they aren’t extremely large for United Airlines, but perfect for our little guy at this time (7 months). He slept a good portion of this flight! Only a few crying spells- we gave him an A- overall ;) no jet lag on the way there!!!! The way home was another story… I'll just say that we had many 4:00am mornings together when we got back home!

Traveling with an infant

Trains, Planes, Boats, Gondolas...

we rode them all!

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”

How to Pack...

Less bags is moreeeeee. When going to Europe, lots of travel is convenient by foot and train. You can definitely rent a car, but for our route and timing, choosing to travel by train was our best option. This becomes more complicated when wearing a baby and diaper bag and pulling lots of luggage... but we made it happen! Do the best you can to consolidate when packing, and if you’re unsure if you need it - you don’t! Honestly Nolan found so much joy in squishing plastic cups that I wish I left 8/10 of his little toys at home!

Also, because we chose to travel by train, a car seat was unnecessary for us! Another big item off the packing list!

Where to stay?

Book an Airbnb with laundry! It's also a bonus if they have baby items. This was a huge blessing for us and took down the amount of stuff we traveled with big time. No need to lug a pack n' play or sheets or all those things you don’t even realize you use daily or need for trips. Our Airbnb in Florence even had a baby tub and baby shampoo ready for us... very sweet!!! Amazing hosts.

Being able to do laundry is really the trick because this can decrease your packing and when it’s so hot (summer in Europe! Steamer!) you don’t feel bad about going through multiple sets of clothes throughout the day.... you know you’ll still have fresh outfits for the rest of the trip.

Should I bring a stroller?

This is a BIG yes! We purchased a stroller off Facebook Marketplace to have for the trip. It was durable, and definitely needed! Like I mentioned before, there is LOTS of walking in European cities, and while we love holding our little man, we didn't want to all day, everyday ;) We recommend a stroller with large wheels so the cobblestone roads aren't an obstacle. We found a used UppaBaby Cruz and it did the trick!

Be in the moment...

Less stress about schedules... about naps... this was our theme. Nolan did a great job napping on the go, sleeping wherever and whenever. I hope this flexibility continues, I know it doesn't just happen for every baby!

Where should you go in Europe first?

Whenever I get this question, I quickly reply with ITALY! Italians love babies. They were all so happy to see Nolan, and gushed over him. Literally every person. The guy making our pizza wanted to hold Nolan. The ladies couldn't pass by without calling him some cute little Italian name and smiling. It really made us feel so at ease the whole time! The little crying spells didn't seem to phase anyone and certainly didn't make anyone upset. It was very refreshing to be in a culture that loved their babies so well and wanted them to be out and about!

Long days of travel...

There were a few days of allllll day travel. These were more tough on mom and dad than on our little one. He wasn't quite crawling yet, so this minimized how much exploring he needed to be able to do on the floor. He was mainly content to sit and play in our laps, which was a big game changer!

Now that our little one is very mobile, I can see how this would be more difficult! Something to learn for next time...


One of our favorite places in the world!



More Adventures...

We are so thankful we got to experience the jaw-dropping views of the Swiss Alps! While Nolan won't remember this... we sure will! We really enjoyed all the gondola rides and going from town to town. We chose to have a pass to get us access to gondolas, trains, and a boat ride in Interlaken to enjoy all the views.

One of my favorite memories is walking across the First Cliff Walk with Nolan!


We learned so much, but mainly to be patient with each other. Don't expect your baby to be on your schedule all the time. Perhaps start with going somewhere you have already been, so you can enjoy without feeling stressed that you are missing seeing something for the first time!

Remembering to slow down each day and just being thankful for the experience as a family was important for us!

We keep getting the same question...

YES- We would do it again!