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Springtime Family Photography

While it is still winter, my calendar has been opened to the spring! March, April and May seem so far away and so very close at the same time! The spring in Houston is a beautiful time for outdoor family photos, with the cold *normally* behind us and fresh blooms and lush greens all around! This family was so sweet and had a great time loving on their boys during the session- my favorite thing to capture! I am so excited to enjoy all that springtime has to offer in Houston this year once again!

Spring Minis will be opening February 1st

Houston family PHOTOGRAPHY

Capturing light, feelings & moments...

It's true the saying that goes you will never be as young as you are today... and same goes for your kids! I truly believe that photographs only increase in value over time and are some of our greatest treasures when we look back over the years. Bringing back memories, feelings, and moments... that is a true gift.

Houston Family Photography

Terry Hershey Park

This park is one of my favorite locations to photograph in Houston! There are a large variety of areas in the park- it spans 496 acres! There are plenty of beautiful blooms in the springtime and lots of chances for the sunlight to pop into our photos (my favorite!) The centrality of the location to many Houstonians is hard to beat. I always love holding family sessions and minis here throughout the year!

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I would love to photograph your family and savor the season you are in!