Houston, Texas

Houston Springtime Photoshoots

These Spring photo sessions are climbing the charts in my book! There are 1,000 reasons in my mind why you should book a photoshoot every year, but wow- to be honest, this spring is blowing me away! To start... all the blooms! Does anyone else just swoon over all the gorgeous blossoms that have appeared all over town? The weather is just right and the sunshine makes for such a dreamy glow. And when you get to photograph couples with such an authentic love, you leave the session feeling way too excited to edit!

I've thought about it

We all have favorite times of year... you know, your favorite season or holiday. Mine has always been Fall... until this spring! I feel the competition mounting with each sunny day, cool breeze, and wildflower I see along every road. I'm feeling unbelievably blessed to be able to serve so many amazing couples and families this spring and I am so excited for Bluebonnet Minis this coming weekend! Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your life and capture these moments for you!

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