Which is best for your family?

Full Session or Mini Session?

Have you ever wondered what kind of session is right for your family? Mini sessions can be so enticing with their smaller price tag, but there may be some drawbacks depending on the stage your family is in (and that is totally ok)!

What is the difference?

It might be best to book a full session if:

-You want a more relaxed, organic experience!

-You have young children who take a little longer to warm up for photos :)

-You desire a larger gallery delivered with more variety

-You enjoy having the ability to choose a date and time that fits your family best

-Selecting a specific location is important to you!

-Having full input of the photographer on your wardrobe is meaningful for you (let's face it, choosing outfits can be tough!)

A Mini Session is perfect for you if:

-A short, 10 minute session is all your little ones can handle!

-Your goal is for a handful of photos, and definitely a "smile at the camera" shot

-There are 6 people or less in your family unit (minis are not enough time for extended family sessions)

-Coming to a pre-determined location on a specific date is easy for your family!

-You can handle outfit selection :)

Which is best for your family?

Only you can decide which kind of session is best for your family! You can always book a seasonal mini session to see if it fits your needs well, and learn for next time if it was perfect or you needed some extra time ;) I do love providing as many photos as possible in my mini session galleries so that you are able to select the images included with your mini session booking price!

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