Maternity Photography

Family Maternity Photo Session

Well, as if maternity photos could get any cuter! Capturing this special time in your life with photos of the whole family truly is a dream come true. Just because this pregnancy isn't your first doesn't mean you should cross a maternity session off your list! A Family Maternity session might be just the thing for you. Your family is growing, and this time needs cherishing. I've found 3 key reasons to be sure to book your Family Maternity session before your Newborn Lifestyle session, and I hope they are helpful to you!

Family Maternity Session

There are endless reasons why booking a family maternity session may be a great move for you and your family, so let's dive into a few!

  1. Get your older children warmed up to the photographer! Booking a Family Maternity Session will help your older children make a connection with the photographer and feel less stiff and nervous when they meet me again. This will ensure more true smiles, and sometimes, more cooperation when there is a newborn in the picture ;) Less stress all around!
  2. This is a special time for the whole family! Not only are you becoming parents again... your children are becoming siblings for the first or second time. There is so much emotion to capture with the idea of your whole family growing. Adjustments are coming in a few short months when your only child becomes the oldest child! Or when your youngest becomes the middle child... etc. Capture this time and enjoy this season :)
  3. Make your older children feel extra special! Like mentioned before, there is a big transition coming and your attention will be drawn towards your newborn very soon. Giving your older children extra love during this session reminds them of how cherished they are and it normally makes the session so fun they look forward to the next! As each day passes, they grow and life changes... don't miss these moments :)