Baby on the way!

5 Reasons to take Baby Announcement Photos

What a time in your life- adding a family member! This is such an exciting season, a little one on the way who is ready to steal your hearts in what seems like no time at all! If this is your first little one, that life of *just the two of us* is about to be changed forever, an adjustment that I believe is so sweet but also, a lot to think about sometimes as I myself am in the season of my first pregnancy!

Not only is this a big transition and happy announcement for you and your significant other, but also for all those in your family: new or veteran Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, your only child turned not so only, adding another sibling to love... and even knowing this can be an adjustment for those sweet pets at home!

With all these things in mind, here is a list of 5 Reasons you should consider taking Baby Announcement Photos:

5 reasons to take

Baby Announcement Photos

  1. Your baby can see these photos one day and know how loved they are! Even before they were born! By having these photos and maybe even including this element in the nursery or their room, as your baby grows they can see and feel so much deep love and excitement from their parents about them from the very beginning.
  2. Time to celebrate! Growing your family is such a blessing and a legacy. There is a little person growing who shares your genes, your family line, some of your features, and some of your traits more than likely! This little human is a pure gift and their arrival into your life, even while still on the inside, is something to celebrate!
  3. Remember the joy of this stage! There is just something different about the smiles of new parents! I have multiple friends and clients who have printed and framed their favorite baby announcement photo in their nursery so that during those late night feedings, diaper changes, and all those other joys of the early infant stage, they can look up and see the pure joy, excitement, and anticipation they had while their sweet baby was still growing on the inside. Reminders are good when the times are tiring ;)
  4. Get some updated family photos before your family grows! Not every single photo has to include the sonogram or a Baby Announcement sign ;) Getting some shots of you two as a couple before kids, or as your family is now before you're holding another little one in your arms is something to cherish- it won't be like this forever. You're also welcome to bring your dog if they are the ones being promoted to big bro or sis!
  5. Share the news in a creative way! Everyone has their own style, so let's show off yours! Whether many of us like it or not, much interaction goes on over social media, and this is a great way to get your good news spread quickly! Having some celebratory photos can give your friends and family just another thing to gush over :)

Are You Celebrating Something Big?

Take the photos, friends. You'll be so grateful you did one day!