Baby "Must Haves"

Items to Put on Your Baby Registry that You will use every day!

As my husband and I prepare to have our own little baby this coming December, I've been so overwhelmed with all the choices out there for new (and veteran) parents! There seem to be unlimited brands, toys, kinds of strollers, crib mattresses, burp clothes... oh my goodness. What a new world! I'm so thankful to have so many great friends + clients who have freely shared their advice for some items that their little one use every single day. It seems easy to miss important, everyday items on that baby registry as we dive head first into the cute things... and there are sooo many to be distracted by!

Every Day Items to Remember

for Your Baby Registry

  1. A good sound machine! One of the best ones for baby's room that I've been recommended is the Hatch! Another is this portable sound machine to take with you on the go! I've been cautioned to never leave home without it ;)
  2. A unlimited amount of burp clothes and swaddles! The Muslin material for both burp clothes and swaddles has come highly recommended, along with the Burt's Bees Burp Cloths!
  3. The Dock-a-Tot! This has been called a lifesaver by tons of friends, giving them the freedom to lay baby down without worrying about too much movement.
  4. Sleepsacks! Getting multiple sizes so you are ready each time your baby grows has been highly recommended.
  5. My Brest Friend- Nursing pillow! Very supportive.
  6. Keekaroo Changing Table- easy to clean!
  7. Frida Baby Snot Sucker- Self-explanatory ;)
  8. A Baby Swing or Mamaroo- having a safe place to put baby down!
  9. EZPZ Plate, utensils, bowl, and cup
  10. Eucerin Moisturizer and Butt Paste!
  11. Baby Carrier - Solly Baby

Don't you just love when...

Others share good advice? It's such a gift to not have to go through all these big life events and choices alone! I've found more and more that parents in your community would love to share any wisdom or insight they have into the world of "baby" if you're new ;) Truly, such a blessing! I hope this list of "every day" baby items will help you as you form your own registry!