Oh those little toes!

Little Miss Cecilia- you are perfection! Those eye lashes, that beautiful hair... it's easy to see that there are countless reasons your mom and dad are so smitten with you! Matt and Jazmin are so sweet and down to earth and I can already tell they are such loving parents, it was hard for them to be near Cecilia without snuggles and kisses! I loved getting to experience their excitement over the newest, smallest member of their family. Grandpa and Grandma were in town to help the new family of three get settled, and I'm sure we can all agree what a blessing that can be!

Family lifestyle sessions are some of my favorite sessions, there is just so much joy in the home! Most times, a little less sleep, but LOTS of joy!

There were also so many beautiful family heirlooms for Cecilia, including the sheet and pillow sets with hand embroidery... what a gift to carry through with each generation! I kept mentioning to Matt and Jazmin that such detailed embroidery is becoming a lost art, and I need to pick it up- if only it were that easy!

What family heirlooms do you have? Incorporating these beautiful pieces into your session give such a personal touch and honor your family heritage. How amazing things can be passed down from generations before you! Family... one of life's best blessings!