A family of 5

How to Prepare Your Older Children for a Newborn Lifestyle Session

Well if they aren't one of the cutest families in Texas, I don't know who would make the list! This sweet family welcomed their littlest and newest member in May and I think it's safe to say they have never felt more complete. Big sister Perry knew just what to do, and new big brother Luke quickly got the hang of things throughout the session! They each loved holding their new little brother Beck and showed him such love - que my heart melting! Even just meeting this family during their session that same day, I could sense what amazing parents Alli and John are and how sweet their family dynamics flowed.

Big Siblings

If you're nervous about how your Newborn Lifestyle session might go with multiple children (maybe a toddler or two that don't love sitting still?) I have a few solutions to that!

Perry and Luke did an amazing job with their baby brother and with the volume of photos we took, but there were some specific priorities we had in order to capture these moments without pain ;)

  1. We will get the most important shots first! Full family shots, shots including siblings, etc. These photos will be the first to take place so that the older kiddos are still fresh and motivated by a snack, or a break to go play outside again.
  2. As the parent, talk to your toddler/children about the photoshoot and how exciting it will be! Maybe it will be the first time they can sit on the bed against the pillows holding their new sibling, some fruit snacks on hand, or perhaps they just need motivation of an ice cream trip later in the day ;)
  3. If a grandparent or aunt/uncle can be at the house during the session, this is very helpful for when your older children need a break or are done with photos. This way you and your spouse can fully focus on the photos being taken of you and your newborn without wondering what your 3 year old is up to!

Priceless Moments

Ultimately, yes... I do recognize that it is a lot to plan for and prep for a Newborn Lifestyle session when you have other children with needs, wants, feelings, and a drive for independence! BUT, while it does take planning, I can promise you'll be so thankful you took the photos. It's so true that your family will never look the exact same way it does during this Newborn timeframe... the emotions of all the family members, the awe of the new little baby... all that is so important to remember!

So, If You're On the Fence

Weigh the benefits of having the photoshoot- numerous I assure you ;)

Prepare as best as you can before your newborn comes - outfits especially!

Lean into the support you have to make these memories come to life for your family- call up your parents, siblings, friends... whoever you can to get help during this new time so you have the drive to take photos to capture your new family!