Baby on the way

The Perfect In-Home Baby Announcement

You just got the best (maybe, most surprising) news ever- you're going to be parents! While this can be a lot to take in and process, it's also something to celebrate each step of the way. Whether you love the outdoor look with greenery and trees, or the comfort of your home is more ideal- this is a season to cherish and remember!

Baby on the Way!

This adorable couple tied the knot earlier this year, and now are embarking on the next big adventure of their lives- parenthood! Their joy was contagious and I couldn't help but feel like an old friend celebrating this new baby right alongside them. They are going to be the sweetest parents ever to their little baby girl!

Their home was so picturesque to photograph with the clean white walls and natural light flooding in. It was clear they were so comfortable and excited to be in this new stage of life together- *que the teary eyes*.

Preparing for Your In-Home Baby Announcement

If an In-Home Baby Announcement is something that appeals to you- here are a few tips on preparing yourself and your home to be photo ready!

  1. Watch for what time the best natural light enters your home, paying special attention to the rooms you would like to have photos in.
  2. Put away anything that isn't significant to you (hide all those water bottles and throw your extra blankets in the basket!)
  3. Dress comfortably! You're in your own home- no need to get ready for a gala. Barefoot, comfortable clothing fits the vibe of your in-home session.
  4. If you have pets, plan to include them for a few of the photos- they are part of the family too in my book ;)

I would love to celebrate this time with you!

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